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Friday, July 26, 2013

Saturday at FBC

Two great things this Saturday:

1. Men's Prayer Breakfast at 8:00 AM.

2. Campfire Fellowship at Maino Manor at 5:00 PM.

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Almost A Wrap

It's been a wonderful week and God has blessed in so many ways.  Please pray for our last evening of VBS as we wrap it up.  May little lives be forever changed, and may those who worked so hard be blessed for their efforts.

Don't let up on the prayer!  Pray pray pray!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 2 - A Few Scenes

Here are a few pics of Bible School so far. Keep praying!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Well, day one of VBS 2013 is in the can, and God has already been blessing with nice weather, great support from the church family, and 41 young children hearing the sound of the gospel.

Keep praying - for souls, for families, for our workers, and for a continuation of the good weather.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Luke 16 For Parents

There was a certain little boy whose parents took him to church, at least when he didn't have anything more pressing on his calendar. They enrolled him in every sport. They made sure he participated in every secular recreational activity he asked for. And they thanked the Lord often for the fact they could give their child so many things they didn't have when they were growing up.

The little boy had a neighbor, Julie, a little girl whose parents also took her to church... always. Julie was allowed to play in sports and participate in activities at her school, as long as it didn't interfere with her church activities. Julie would yell loudly when Dad woke her early on Sunday mornings for Sunday School. But then she would get up and go to Sunday School. Julie had to miss a few soccer practices because of VBS and Christian Camp, but Dad was insistent - "Sports are for fun... sports are for now... but the important things are eternal. We won't sacrifice your eternity for a few minutes of fun in the now." Julie didn't like that, but she went to Sunday School... VBS... Summer Camp. Always.

The little boy grew up. The minute he was out from under the weak control of his parents, he walked away from church and never thought about it again. Julie grew up, too. But the habits were ingrained in her, and she had come to know Jesus as her own personal Savior. That wasn't something she gained on the soccer field, but in week after week after week of listening to loving teachers at her church. One day she had met Jesus and been converted.

A life passed by. Julie died, and was carried by the angels to be forever with Jesus. The little boy, now grown into a decidely unbelieving man, also died, and woke up in hell, to be forever without the Jesus he had been taught to think was unimportant.

Struggling to see through the flames and darkness and smoke that surrounded him, he noticed his childhood friend in the distance. She was sitting at the feet of Jesus. The man called out and said, "Jesus, have mercy on me. I am in agony in this fire. Send Julie to bring me some water." But Jesus said, "No, my son. Remember that you had your opportunities, but ignored them. Other things were more important, remember? Julie chose eternal things, and you chose meaningless temporary things. Now Julie is with me forever, and you have lost all opportunity to ever be with me."

The man replied, "I have 5 children. If it's too late for me, please send Julie to talk with them. I can't stand the thought of them coming to this horrible place!" Jesus answered sadly, "Didn't you teach them the Bible? That was your job as their father. Didn't you take advantage of all the opportunities that I gave you to lead them to me? There was a church on the corner of your street... Sunday School classes... Vacation Bible School... summer camp... Junior Church... loving teachers and examples that were ready every Sunday of the year to tell your 5 children about Jesus and lead them to me. But you taught them that the meaningless things of the world are more important than Me."

"But Jesus," wept the man, as he disappeared into the smoke and flame, "that's what my parents taught me!"

Julie looked up into the tear-filled eyes of her Savior and said, "Thank you, Jesus, for my mom and dad."

Sunday School is important, and it meets every Lord's Day at 9:30.

Vacation Bible School is important, and starts this Monday evening at 6:00. If you haven't yet registered your kids, please get them registered so we can plan and prepare properly.

Prayer Meeting is important, and starts at 6:30 this evening. We will be praying specifically for our children and parents this evening!

(If you'd like to read the original, unmodified version of the above story, as told by Jesus Himself, see Luke 16:19-31.)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Haven Time!

Those who serve at the Haven of Rest every month, don't forget tomorrow is the day. 10:00. Wear a hat!