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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Imagine getting to heaven and seeing the things you will see! Imagine the sounds of music that we have only poorly been able to reproduce in this life - perfect music that blends without a single sour note in praise to our King. Imagine seeing Him... the King... the Savior... Jesus, and rejoicing as never before as He wraps those arms and those nail scarred hands around you. Imagine!

Then imagine the people who will be there - the ones who you knew and loved... the ones you've missed so long... the ones you never stopped loving after they left the earth, and now weep with joy to see them again. And imagine the ones you never knew on earth, but who come to you now and say "Thank you." Maybe you gave to support your local church and they were saved as a result, and now they say "thank you." Maybe you served as a missionary or a church worker or a teacher, and now they say "thank you." Maybe you sent a shoebox at Christmas time, and they received it and were saved and now say, "Thank you."

OR MAYBE, you sent a postcard inviting them to Old Fashioned Sunday at Friendship Bible Church, and they came, and heard the gospel, and were saved as a result. And now they say, "Thank you."
We will be prepping the postcards for mailing this evening (Wednesday) immediately following prayer meeting - 7:30. Pizza and pop will be on hand, so join us for the ministry part, and stay for the fellowship part. The "thank you's" that you will hear as a result will stay with you forever.

Friday, August 17, 2018

A Fire-less Campfire Fellowship!

It’s gonna be way too hot for a fire, but we will nonetheless gather at the JohnsonAcres compound for an evening of great food and fun and fellowship.

A taco and fajita bar is in the works, as well as the numerous yummy dishes brought in by you! That’s how it works - we’ll provide the main course and the drinks, and you can bring a dish of your specialty to share. There’s always plenty of food, though, so if you can’t bring anything, SHOW UP ANYWAY. Bring a lawn chair, and your fishing pole if you want to try and catch one of the ever-more-elusive bass from the pond. The homeowner has even said he will pay $10.00 for every snapping turtle you catch out of that pond!

So join us Saturday at 5:00 PM at Johnson Acres.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Ball Game Time!

Just a quick reminder for those who purchased tickets to tonight's Rubber Ducks baseball game. The game starts at 7:05. If you want to ride up with others, or caravan up together, meet at the church at 5:00. See you at the ball park!